The benefits is huge when you buy a business from us. We take away years of research and trying to establish yourselves online. Please read the benefits below:

1 – Our established ebay accounts with high feedbacks saves you years of effort trying to build up your feedbacks!

2 – Your customers will trust you when you have an ebay account with high feedbacks!

3 – These ebay accounts are old and established – Do you have years to wait ?

4 – Do you really know how to use amazon ? Get help and support from someone who does!

5 –   Do you really know how to use ebay ? Get help and support from someone who does!

6 – Proven concept and proof right here. We have sold loads of businesses and turned them into very profitable businesses.

7 – Hold No Stock, Less Risk!

8 – No worries about packaging the items – The suppliers do this for you.

9 – No worries about posting the items – The suppliers do this for you!

10 – You have complete contol of your profit margins!

11 – You have complete control of holidays and when you don’t want to work!

12 – You can awap and change your product range whenever you want.

13 – Could easy make £10000 a month after the first 3 months.

14 – Be your own boss and work the hours you want.

15 – Fully developed online website which could cost you thousands from other companies.

16 – No need to fly around the world and find suppliers. All the research has already been done for you!

17 – No need to worry about getting scammed by dodgy suppliers. Suppliers tried and tested!

18 – 40% to 100% profit margin on all items.

19 – Watch success stories videos from other people who bought a business from us.

20 – Help with all aspects of marketing your online business.

21 – Because its online you can live anywhere in the world!

22 – eBay and Amazon already has millions of buyers waiting to buy – so no worrying about SEO – Let the traffic come to you!

23 – Can expand into other types of products without it costing you anything extra – This means = More range and more product range means more sales!

24 – Don’t have to worry about warranties as the suppliers are the ones who offer the warranty

25 – Going on holiday ? No problem turn it off then!

26 – Because your having an established eBay account – In eBays eyes you will be a trusted seller so much quicker to be a ” top rated ” or powerseller!!

27 – No other company like us offering established eBay Businesses – If you find one – I will give you £100 and offer it cheaper !!

28 – This is not a gamble – Its proven! Research has alraedy been done for you. Just take a look on eBay and look into peoples feedbacks and its like GOD saying – Sell this product because its fast selling items..

29 – Who else will offer unlimited training and skype sharing and recording of training ?

30 – Who else will take you to factories and visit the suppliers ?

31 – What other company would let you come to the office and visit the team personally ?

32 – Anyone else you know whos been in the wholesaling and manufacturing sector for 8 years and have suppliers from all around the world and people you can talk to and visit – even without paying  us a penny ?


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