Silver Powerseller eBay 4300 Feedbacks Complete Business For Sale


Account in very good standing with 15% discount off  fees.
Unlimited selling allowance.
Good feedback rating.
eBay account with 4300 feed backs!!
50% of people don’t leave feedback so that’s around 6450 sales! at around £5.00 per sale = £35000 sales
All stock and supplier info supplied worth approximate  £5000
No inventory for stock but viewing’s welcome.
No sales figures available as ive not been running this business as I have no time to put in.
Active listings have a £70 added on to actual purchase price to stop orders as I have no time to run this business.
Active listings just a small percentage of stock to what I hold.
This business could really thrive with enough time put in.
Unbelievable sale price as I have no time to run this business and have no time to sort through stock to provide an accurate inventory but stock worth approximate £5000
Also available in separate listing is a website incl all stock.
Extra Bonus
+ Days training in the office and unlimited support by
+ We will also develop a online web site for you
+ Amazon account completely set up for you.
+ Access to our manufactures who have well over FIVE million products for sale so you can expand your product range whenever you want


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