Welcome to Power Seller Shop, the ONLY existing business that sells well established eBay and Amazon accounts to businesses.

Amazon and eBay are two of the leading product selling platforms online. Many businesses make use of these open platforms to post and sell their product. Since the sites have thousands of viewers, selling on eBay or Amazon has better chances of meeting buyers than an individual online shop for your business. However, the question is, that since so many of the users, buyers and sellers both, use these sites, how can a business make sure that their product will be seen and purchased amongst so many. To this, there is only one solution, Power Seller Shop. We provide businesses all over the world with eBay and Amazon accounts that are already established. This means that the accounts we sell already have recognition and optimization so your product can stand out amongst the others, making your business profit increase.

Power Seller Shop has been in business for over five years now and even though we are located in the UK, we have catered to businesses all over the world. We are proud to say our past customers have been extremely satisfied and grateful to us for providing them such a service. We have an inventory of unlimited established eBay and Amazon accounts for our customers, and all of these accounts are well established eBay businesses, top rated accounts, or power seller accounts. These are all accounts that have had high recognition and feedbacks. Guaranteed to help sell your products quickly!

However, there is still more that we offer. We have different packages available such as the business package, which includes an Amazon account, an eBay account and even a website. And then there is the added ease of not having to worry about posting products either – we package and sell them for you as well!

All this and so much more to help increase your business’s productivity, profits, and potential. Power Seller Shop is a name that looks out to market you successfully.
For further information or any queries, please contact us.